Mornings can be a hectic time, especially when you have young children to care for. When it comes to dropping your child off at daycare, establishing a morning routine can help make the transition smoother and ensure that your child starts their day on the right foot. By incorporating a few essential activities into your morning routine, you can create a positive and nurturing environment for your child before they embark on their daycare adventure. Here are some things you should consider doing every morning before dropping your child off at daycare :

  • Wake up early: Giving yourself and your child ample time in the morning can help alleviate stress and create a calm environment. Waking up early allows you to have a relaxed start to the day, ensuring that you have enough time to take care of all the necessary tasks before leaving for daycare.
  • Offer a healthy breakfast: A nutritious breakfast is vital for your child’s overall well-being and sets the tone for the day. Prepare a balanced meal that includes whole grains, fruits, and proteins. Sit down with your child and enjoy breakfast together, fostering a positive family connection before the day begins.
  • Engage in quality bonding time: Mornings provide an excellent opportunity to bond with your child before they head to daycare. Engage in activities that promote connection, such as reading a book, playing a game, or simply talking and sharing thoughts. This focused attention will make your child feel loved and secure, helping them start the day with confidence.
  • Encourage independence: Daycare is an environment where children are encouraged to explore and develop their independence. Help your child prepare for this by assigning them age-appropriate tasks in the morning routine. It could be something as simple as picking out their clothes or packing their backpack. By allowing them to take responsibility for certain tasks, you empower them and boost their self-esteem.
  • Dress appropriately: Make sure to dress your child in comfortable clothing suitable for the activities they will engage in at daycare. Consider the weather and any specific requirements from the daycare facility. Dressing appropriately ensures that your child is comfortable throughout the day and ready to participate in various activities.
  • Pack necessary items: Before leaving for daycare, ensure that you have packed everything your child will need. This includes extra clothes, diapers, bottles, snacks, and any special items they require for comfort or play. Organize these items in a backpack or bag, making it easier for the daycare staff to access and manage your child’s belongings.
  • Share information with the daycare staff: Communication is key in ensuring your child’s well-being at daycare. Take a few minutes to update the daycare staff on any changes in your child’s routine, health, or other relevant information. It’s crucial to provide them with the necessary details to ensure a smooth transition and maintain consistent care for your child.
  • Create a positive goodbye routine: Saying goodbye can be challenging for both you and your child. Establish a consistent and reassuring goodbye routine that helps your child feel secure and confident in your departure. It could involve giving them a hug, a kiss, or a special goodbye phrase. Avoid prolonging the goodbye, as it can make the separation more difficult. Trust that the daycare staff will provide a safe and stimulating environment for your child.

By incorporating these activities into your morning routine, you can create a positive and nurturing environment for your child before dropping them off at daycare. Remember, consistency and open communication with the daycare staff are key to ensuring a smooth transition and a successful day for your child.

Author – Kiindred

Emmy is the founder of Kiindred and mother to 3 little ones. 

Over the last 4 years, she has worked with some of the most credible experts in the parenting space and is a keen contributor to all things parenthood.