YouTube views are a direct measurement of how satisfied viewers are with a video.

As such, a large view count is one of the primary goals of many YouTubers.

Achieving a high view count is not impossible if you know how to optimize your

content. You can use a number of techniques, such as creating a custom thumbnail,

using video tags, and more.


  1. Optimize Your Thumbnail Image

Your YouTube thumbnail is the mini-poster for your video. A well-designed thumbnail

can translate the content of your video into an eye-catching image that gets viewers

to click. This will help your videos increase in views.

Make sure that your thumbnail has enough negative space and is high-resolution to

ensure that it’s clear on all devices. Also, include short text so that searchers can

easily understand what your video is about. Text in thumbnails tend to work better

than images alone because people pause more when they see text.


YouTube isn’t just a video streaming service, it’s also a search engine. Start by

researching the keywords that your audience is using to find content on YouTube.

Use a tool like Answer the Public, Keywords Everywhere, or Semrush to identify the

most popular searches in your niche. Then, optimize your video titles and

descriptions with those keywords to get more views on YouTube. This is important

because it will help you gain more actual views — which are more valuable than



  1. Use Video Tags

Using YouTube video tags is an important part of optimizing your content for search.

The platform’s algorithm takes multiple factors into account when ranking videos,

including video file names, titles, descriptions, and tags. Having a well-organized list

of tags can help you rank higher in searches and drive more views to your videos.

Start by using your video’s main keyword as your first tag and then fill out the rest of

the tags based on their relevance to your video. It’s also a good idea to use broad

keywords that describe the overarching topic of your video.


Lastly, make sure to include a call-to-action in your video description and a link to

your website. You can also direct viewers to your other videos through cards and

end screens. This way, you can build a loyal community and increase your YouTube

view count. In addition to building a community, collaborating with other creators is

another great way to get more views on your video.


  1. Share Your Video on Social Media

You’ve spent time and resources creating a video for YouTube, but when it’s not

getting views, you’re left scratching your head. To increase your chances of a video

going viral, share it on social media as soon as it’s live.


This will help your video show up in search results when people are searching for

related videos or content. To maximize your chances of this, make sure your video

title and description includes relevant keywords. Using tools like Answer the Public

or Keywords Everywhere will show you which phrases are most searched and how to

optimize for them.


Views might seem like an artificial section of YouTube analytics, but it’s important

for building a successful channel. A video with lots of views means that YouTube is

seeing that your content is engaging to viewers and that your audience has kept

watching. This helps YouTube determine how relevant your video is to users and can

increase its ranking on the platform.


  1. Make Use of a Call-To-Action

YouTube users spend an average of 19 minutes a day on the platform, so it’s

important to keep your viewers engaged. One way to do this is by promoting related

content at the end of your video. This could be anything from another video on your

channel to a social media post.For more info, do visit this websitelenostube.


You can also increase your views by using a custom thumbnail, optimizing for

Google, and creating a compelling title. YouTube also rewards videos that hold

people’s attention, so consider using what some call “pattern interrupts.” These are

small changes in the video that force the viewer to re-engage with it.


Increasing your YouTube video views isn’t an easy task, but it’s an essential step in

building brand awareness and reaching your target audience. By following these five

tips, you can ensure your video is seen by more people and drives organic

engagement. What’s more, if you have the budget for it, purchasing YouTube views

can be a quick and effective way to increase your video view count.