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So, if you are wondering, “Why do dogs roll in the grass?” there… You might have thought about this question while brushing your dog’s teeth. Some humans enjoy the sensation when eating spicy stuff, but some can’t even stand the heat.

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A great way to enhance any outfit is to select baby clothing that can look flattering on your dog. From as early an age as possible, develop a toy habit with your dog by providing lots of attractive toys and chew toys.

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If your dog is toy-motivated, try to get them to play with toys while wearing the boot. If your dog tries to take off the boot, decrease the amount of time you’re asking your dog to keep it on.

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The same process will be followed when searching for your dog’s clothes. When you are trying to select baby clothes for your dog, you must know their accurate size. The dog’s size acts as a guide so you know which clothes will fit. Since baby clothing sizes are sorted by the baby’s number of months, it can be challenging to equate that to your dog’s measurements. Prior to training, you will need treats for teaching your dog to ‘leave it’, and chew toys to replace clothes-eating behavior. Several methods that can be used individually or in conjunction are available to curb clothes eating behavior. Odd as it sounds, some dogs actually eat their owner’s clothing items.

As a rule of thumb, newborn onesies will fit a small dog that is less than 15 pounds. Larger dogs need larger onesies of course and with a bit of searching, finding bigger sizes is always possible. Here are some step-by-step instructions when making a t-shirt for your pup from baby clothes. As a pet owner, I always want to show my furry companion how much I love and appreciate them.